Adopting A Cute Cat Or Adorable Kitten

There is not that much difference between adopting a cat and adopting a dog, however, there are a few differences in their behavior that you will need to consider before adopting a cat or kitten.

Cats are pretty independent and can even live on their own if you have a self-feeder and watering bowls, however they do need human interaction and love or they will become feral cats which means wild, even if they are indoor cats and you don't want a wild animal living in your home.

There are many different breeds of cats and kittens and all have about the same temperament. Siamese cats are very aloof and do not like to be bothered by humans unless they initiate the contact. Although those people who are not 'cat people' would argue that all cats are aloof and do not like human contact. This is a common misunderstanding among people who do not like or have cats of their own. Cats are very independent creatures but do crave love and affection, they just don't jump around as much about it as dogs do!

They will come to you when you are reading or watching television and sit next to you or rub up against you until you pet them. This is their way of telling you they need some attention and want you to pet them. Sometimes they will 'knead' or 'make biscuits' on your leg or stomach as if they are kneading dough, this is a sign they are comfortable with you and are looking for a soft spot to lay down.

Tortoise Shell colored cats, often mistaken for a darker calico cat, are very talkative and will hold a 'conversation' with you when you ask them something or talk to them and wait for their reply. And the Tortoise Shell colored cats are always females a phenomenon of nature.

When adopting a kitten from a shelter, you must think about what your life style is like and where the kitten will fit into it. If you are hardly ever home, will there be plenty of stimulus for the cats curiosity ' without the cat getting hurt? What about declawing the cat?

Are you for or against this procedure? If the cat is going to stay indoors all its life and you don't want it shredding your curtains and other things such as your arms or face when you play with it, consider declawing only the front paws. There are many pros and cons to the declawing debate and neither side is right or wrong, however both sides can provide a passionate argument for their cause.

Probably one of the worst parts about having a cat is the littler box and having to clean it out every day, unless you have your cat go outside to do his or her business. Yet having an outdoor cat comes with its own set of problems such as traffic, predators such as dogs and other animals who like to chase and feast on defenseless cats. And there is always the customary gift of having your cat bring in field mice they catch and want to give it to you to show you how much they love you.


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