How often should I clean my cat's litter box?

Tips about cats

Cats like a clean tray, and if they do not have access to one, they use your garden or a flowerpot in your home, if you are lucky. Depending on the number and size of cats that you may have, it is advisable to screen the litter at least once a day per cat, twice to be sure.

Once a day per cat

To improve the cat's hygiene further, it is better to remove the stools as soon as the cat has finished. Cat litters that clump when in contact with urine are a great way to make the litter tray last longer and prevent the odour from sinking into the litter. Clumping litters tend to absorb all the moisture and make it much easier to remove solids and liquids without emptying the entire tray. Self-cleaning litter boxes will also detect when a cat has defecated and will rake the remnants into a side-tray.

Endless scratching

Cats will hold in urine if there is no other choice, which will damage their kidneys. Cats are smart, and they will give you hints that they need fresh litter, such as endless scratching in the cat tray. If the cat is super unhappy, they will scratch outside the tray, translating as ‘change it fast.’ Even with the best litter in the world, the tray will still need regular clearing, cleaning, and new litter added. For the cat's hygiene to be at its best, one week is the limit at which you should try to stretch a batch of litter.

Contribution to landfills

If you are conscious about how the cat's hygiene is contributing to landfills, then it may be possible to stretch to two weeks. Remember that cats will hold it in, and old cats need the comfort of a clean place to go, the same as we do